Blue Note

Good live music is in itself a luxurious experience, but when the relaxed gathering of music connoisseurs takes place in the unique setting of the Blue Note Jazz ‘n Blues Club, every show is an unforgettable experience.

Blue Note started out in the mid 90’s as the Tom Cat Jazz Club by the exceptional jazz artist and professor of music, Ernest Wiehe. As the story goes, the then tiny place in the back of Banana and the restaurant was the breeding ground for a the jazz culture in Mauritius, where soon-to-be proficient musicians washed dishes, served clients, tended bar, and played on the stage to help support Ernest’s dream of promoting – and especially playing jazz.

Thereafter the club became famous as the Zanzibar Night Club, and eventually now in 2023, returning back to it’s roots in the sophisticated jazz culture as the Blue Note Jazz n’ Blues Club.

The Blue Note Club wholeheartedly welcomes you for a fabulous night of the finest live music on the main floor (stage), or the relaxing atmosphere of the Speak Easy Bar on the Mezzanine level overlooking the action below, and to top it off, take a stroll to the Blue Sky Bar on the roof top overlooking the incredible Flamboyant tree of Banana and Grand Bay at night. We have ambiance beyond words so come discover for yourselves the new Blue Note Jazz ‘n Blues Club.