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Since our inception we have grown from a small boutique bar to the number one nightlife venue on the island for locals & tourists alike. The incredible Flamboyant tree in the middle of the bar was planted many years ago and has enjoyed its vantage from a mere twig to a towering icon of Grand Bay. Being at the heart of activity in the north, we do not doubt the stories it could tell. Along with the miraculous growth of this icon, our evolution has taken on rapid proportions of notoriety itself. 
Since our ownership in 2003, it was our vision to rejuvenate the music scene and transform our venue into “The Place” in Mauritius for live music. Now, every night music from jazz, blues, rock, to fusion is performed. If you wish to just chill out and enjoy the cool island vibes or see top local groups perform, you are in the right place.
If you visit the Banana, we sincerely hope that you enjoy your time with us and if you are on holiday, that we can help make it a memorable experience.